About us Welcome to the official website of Dr. Jaikish Jayaraj, MS, MCh, spearheading the Department of Surgical Gastroenterology and Laparoscopic surgery at the PVS Hospital, Calicut, Kerala, India. Specialising in GI surgeries like Colorectal, Hepatobiliary Surgeries, Oesophagial and Gastric surgeries, Laproscopic surgeries, Dr. Jaikish is one of the reputed Gastroenterologists in Kerala.

He is involved in ongoing research and development studies of Piles and their treatments. He has also been providing treatment for patients from all over the world. He has published many research articles in scientific journals and has been working robustly towards creating awareness in treatment of Piles in the early stages.

Backed by his extensive experience in Gastroenterology, Dr. Jaikish Jayaraj has been treating and giving relief to patients from all walks of life.
Gastroenterology Department, PVS Hospital A multi super specialty hospital established in humble beginnings in 1974 by the late P.V.Sami (Founder KTC Group) a visionary with extra ordinary ability to convert dreams in to reality, the PVS Hospital has made a steady progress and has now grown into a 310 bedded Super-specialty referral hospital with 29 departments, nearly 100 doctors and state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic facilities.

The hospital has now added a fully integrated Gastroenterology dept. headed by Dr. Jaikish Jayaraj, a qualified Surgical Gastroenterologist, capable of performing all types of Gl Surgery. The hospital has specialised intensive care units equipped with the latest equipments and manned by experienced and qualified staff. It also runs a trauma care service round the clock and has its own fleet of well equipped Ambulance services. The services of eminent Consultants in various disciplines most of them retired Professors of Medical College, grace the hospital and has raised the quality of medical care to the next level.

PVS Hospital has always stood for Quality Health Care and for the excellence in the services & facilities PVS Hospital was awarded the ISO 9001:2000 Certificate by B S I. The PVS Hospital is also committed to offer the most advanced diagnosis & treatment for all medical and surgical cases at an affordable cost.

The facilities of the Gastroenterology Department are: 24 hours emergency service for GI bleeds and other GI catastrophies Dedicated gastro ICU with trained staff Flexible video Gastroduodenoscopy, Colonoscopy and Sigmoidoscopy All biliary and pancreatic interventions, ERCP, PTC Stenting for advanced cancer